Dragon’s Den: Peter Jones makes offer NEVER seen before which will leave you STUNNED

DRAGON’S DEN star Peter Jones left viewers gobsmackaed tonight when he made an offer that’s never been seen on the show before.

Brothers Ben and Harry Tucker arrived in the lair with an unconventional proposition for their company, which takes old parts from planes and turns the scrap pieces into luxury furniture.

Their bespoke items are sold to high-profile clients around the world, but the siblings needed £80,000 for 10 per cent of their company to give it a boost.

After testing some unique samples, the Dragons seemed impressed.

However, when the pair’s plans were laid out, one by one the dragons – made up of Deborah Meaden, Jenny Campbell, Tej Lalvani, Touker Suleyman and Peter – dropped out.

“Wow! Wasn’t expecting that offer! #DragonsDen,” gasped one more, which was followed by: “Not the offer they were expecting… but at least they made a sale! #DragonsDen.”

A fourth cried: “Peter you cheeky t••t #dragonsden,” before another teased: “#DragonsDen Go on Jonesy, buy a bag for the wife as well.”

One more teased the millionaire for not “paying the full whack”.